Dr. Doddamallayya


Dr Doddamallaiah is a veterinary doctor, who has served for over three decades in Chitradurga. He is well-known not only among the farmers but also among the general public and in the Kannada literary circles of the region. Born in Pavagada taluk of Tumkur district, the 63-year-old chose to study veterinary science as he wanted to serve in the rural areas.

Chitradurga district is predominantly agriculture oriented economy. Animal Husbandry plays a major role in income fetching activity in the district. Sheep husbandry has a major share. And almost it is a traditional activity of tribes like myasa beda and kadugollas (Cowherds), the traditional shepherds. Doctor too belongs to Kadugolla tribe, which has a 200-year heritage.

Karnataka government recommended to the Union government to include Kadugollas in ST list but since there are no leaders of high stature in this community, it remains a long-pending demand. He understands the issues of the lower classes and has worked with them for the last 25 years to improve their lot. He is a skilled doctor and became popular because of the record number of surgeries he performed.

Currently he is a kannada sahitya paishad district president and director IAT( institute of Agriculture technologists) district chapter chitradurga.
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