KL Swamy


KL Swamy, is a veteran farmer Leader who is an inspiration to thousands of farmers and farm labourers in the region for over 40 years. He was active not just in the Farmers' Movements but also led in supporting farmers and workers in getting justice and stood with them in thick and thin. He is the guide, philosopher and friend to all the marginalised communities of dalits, safai Karmacharis, labourers, farmers and to say in a word, the voice of downtrodden in the region. Thus the people started calling him Garudagami Swamy due to his actdivism and for the heart which is with farmers and workers.

In KR Nagar constituency, he will not tolerate any injustice to farmers or the communities who are looked-down upon. Born in 1947, he is a farmer and apart from the one acre 35 kunte, most of his wealth is the goodwill of the people he serves. He assets are not money but people. he found a novel way of uplifting the communities by facilitating hardworkers and good leaders of different marginalised groups by facilitating them regularly.

In the last 40 years, he worked for Madivala (washer folks/ dhobhis, low caste people), Safai Karmachari (manual scavengers, untouchables) to reduce stigma attached to them and to bring honour and dignity to their work. He used to mingle with them and felicitated people from these marginalised communities. He is the first to come out and lead the fight whenever there is any incident of injustice against these betheren and due to his activism for these communities they nick named him, Garudagami Swamy.
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