KP Bhoothaiyya


Born a few days before India got Independence in Aug 1947, Bhoothaiah has been an active farmer who served his community for over four decades. He has been an active member of the Raithu Sangha and has received many awards for the social service he does. Whether it is an engine, or some tools are the manures are seeds, it the farmers in need, Bhoothaiah reaches out to them.

It there is a break-down, he sends releif through bus service. So much so, they named the route and the service as Bhoothaiah bus service. The staff, drivers and conductors, have pooled in money and have made a gold ring for the friend of people, for the yeomen service he does.

A peep into his office, presents a very unique look with hundreds of photographs over the years. All the farmer leaders' photos are neatly framed on one side and the national leaders adorn the other wall.

A small table 1x1.5 metre struggles to fit in all the trophies, the 70-year old received for social service.
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